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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I felt that Rick Bass really captured the feel of a small town in his short story Mexico. Even though there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the linear plot itself, I found the characters feeling very familiar to me by the end of the story. I suppose it also helped that I am from a small town and have seen a lot of people that are very similar to Tricia, Kirby, and Gus. In small towns there are those who seem to sit around and wait for happiness and those who have figured out what makes them happy. And neither group lets the other try and tell them that their way is wrong. That was a concept that I thought was at the forefront of the story. Gus knew how to make himself happy and Kirby and Tricia were sitting around the swimming pool waiting for happiness to fall in their laps. Once Shack was taken away it was as if Kirby and Tricia no longer had any reason to hope for happiness let alone strive for it because that’s not something they did anyway.


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